Dell Sr. Specialist, Client Technical Spport ( Japan Social Media Outreach Agent) in Dalian, China

Listening: Utilizing SMaC listening tools/platforms to listen to and assess different customer posts and conversations.

Engagement: Engaging in SMaC conversations to provide Dells official response and position as well as outreaching to help customers in need.

Resolution: Owning resolution of unresolved issues voiced by customers in SMaC. This can include personal resolution by the Responder and/or coordinating resolution with internal Dell resolver groups.

Proactive Post: Support the Proactive content/solutions content & Video on SMaC platforms to drive offline contacts deflection


Technical knowledge: Strong Dell technical skillset, solid foundation of technical competency to effectively diagnose issues with customers systems via instant communication on SMaC

Design skills: Good at creating and designing web pictures and Video on SMaC

Language :Good written communications skills, . Good English is also a mandatory requirement to be able to interact with stakeholder , customers and colleagues abroad

Communication: Strong communication , positive attitude and conflict resolution skills

Others: Experience with social media platforms is required (personal or professional), understanding the online culture is a must.