Dell Sales Support Operations Manager- Reps and Certs in Round Rock, Texas

  1. Manage the resources of the team to meet the needs of our customers through effective utilization, tool usage and SME engagements.

  2. Drive compliant responses for Reps and Certs request through a quality playbook generation.

  3. Understand the needs of our customers and drive engagements with necessary SMES to ensure and alignment and capabilities of the team.

  4. Hire new team members across multiple regions and drive effect performance management for day to day responsibilities.

  5. Provide scalability for new support functions by driving self-enabled tool support and automation where possible.

Essential Requirements:

  1. Must speak English, Spanish and Portuguese

  2. Candidate shall have proven track record for training, coaching and exhibiting leadership skills in related capacities.

  3. Experience in a customer based function such as customer care, proposals, program management driving key programs and initiatives.

    • Strong understanding of tool usage, SLA performance metric usage and customer experience drives.
    • Effective at communicating with cross functional teams to brand Reps and Certs and drive future direction.

Desirable Requirements:

-Based in Brazil, Panama, Bangalore, or Austin/ RR.

  • ability to travel to regions supported, as needed.