Dell Principal Systems Development Engineer in Shanghai, China

The Principal Systems Development Engineer is responsible for supporting customers in utilising Dell’s Connected Configuration offer. This highly skilled, technical, customer facing role will involve guiding the customer through building a hosted virtualised infrastructure within Dell’s environment and leveraging VPN technologies to integrate this environment with their corporate network to enable high value remote configuration before orders are delivered.

The role will involve working with the customer and both internal and external teams to provide a smooth on-boarding experience, as well as collaborating with internal and external teams in ensuring that the Connected Configuration Infrastructure is fully operational and maintained.

The Systems Senior Engineer will implement the Connected Configuration offer on a customer basis within Dell or Dell partner facilities. They will setup customer virtualised SCCM distribution environments running on the Microsoft HyperV platform and will extent the customer virtual network to the manufacturing floor. They will provision a VPN link between customer and Dell or partner facility, ensuring that each link is secure and isolated to the individual customer. They will maintain a regular maintenance cycle on the Connected Configuration infrastructure and will setup and implement a routine backup procedure. They will provide support to both sales and the intake project management teams on the onboarding of customers to the service. They will provide support to the operations, both customer and Dell or Dell partner teams in the event of any issues arising during production.

The successful candidate will focus on working with Dell customers, partners and internal teams to ensure smooth operation of the Connected Configuration offer. The successful candidate will also work to deliver optimisations in the overall fulfilment network, enable new suppliers, new capabilities within existing suppliers and new service deliver models for customers.


  • Ensure a smooth customer on boarding experience

  • Conducts regular maintenance cycles on the Connected Configuration Infrastructure

  • Provides operational support for any issue pertaining to the Connected Configuration service

  • Ensures all documentation is kept up to date

  • Communicates to the relevant stakeholders on a regular basis.

  • Utilizing relevant tools, systems, and applications associated to the Connected Configuration solution.

  • Defining supporting and/or driving process improvements.

Customer Facing Experience

  • 2-5 yrs System Administration with SCCM/MDT knowledge

  • Schedules and coordinates installation and maintenance of software/hardware on the network and ensures compatibility of all communications and computer hardware/software.

  • Gathers customer requirements for specific VPN setup relative to that customer

  • Evaluates, engineers, tests, recommends, and implements secure infrastructures.

  • Documents platforms and processes for ongoing operations.

  • Monitors overall performance to proactively identify potential issues and tune appropriately. Investigates and resolves system problems and system performance.

  • Provides ongoing information to leadership, customers, and peers regarding enhancements, innovations and solutions

  • Researches and develops future technologies.

  • Virtualization Experience; Preferably Microsoft Hyper-V

  • 2-5 yrs Networking using Sonicwall switches/vpn appliances

  • Designs secure network solutions that maximize the sharing of applications, information, and resources across Customer VPNs

  • Investigates and resolves problems, inefficiencies, and performance issues.

  • Creates and shares roadmap and technical support to determine network business needs throughout the organization.

  • Level 1-2 Troubleshooting Capabilities

  • Acts as a resource for system escalation issues.

  • Evaluates, tests, recommends, and implements specific network solutions.

  • Performs initial root cause analysis on failed components and implements corrective measures.