Dell IC Consultant in Taipei, Taiwan


  • Contributes to the development of market, business unit or product line business plans to capitalize on current/future market trends or achieve operational efficiencies.

  • Works closely with senior leadership on a wide range of critical issues.

  • Supports senior executive communications for internal and external audiences.

  • Helps determine growth strategy of Dell worldwide through fact-based analysis.

  • Identifies product strategies for Dell’s approach to various customers and industries, often using qualitative and quantitative research.

  • Conducts strategic M&A target assessments.

  • Evaluates new product/market business opportunities.

  • Conducts competitor assessments and evolution of profit pools.

  • May be responsible for external corporate communications with industry analysts and the investment community.


  • Manages project analysis by defining and delegating clear responsibilities and supporting the efforts of others.

  • Establishes stretching yet realistic deadlines and manages expectations.

  • Specifies outputs, inputs and resources to deliver to work plan.

  • Disaggregates project into specific analytical tasks.

  • Extracts themes across disparate analysis within work stream.

  • Develops the story early, as content is developed.

  • Writes key sections of presentations.

  • Acts as informal mentor to junior colleagues.

  • Proactively develops and maintains relationships with relevant subject matter experts and previous colleagues.

  • Creates compelling „storyboards‟ with limited guidance.

  • Focuses outputs on driving action and clear decisions. Estimates time requirements effectively.

  • Builds rapport and credibility quickly with business partners.

  • Develops, drives, and synthesizes analytical results to support strategic problems as identified by leadership.

  • Extracts themes and insights from analysis to develop hypotheses and compelling „storyboards‟ with limited guidance.