Dell APJ CSB Pricing Leader in Singapore

Why Work at Dell?

Endless challenges and rewards. Opportunities on six continents. A team of colleagues fueled by collaboration. All this, and a company deeply committed to integrity and responsibility.

Product Coverage: Commercial & Consumer End-User Client products (DT, NB, Workstation, with an oversight on Tied Services & Tied peripheral)

Purpose of the Role:

To ensure Dell products are priced competitively in the market as per pricing strategy and thus, ensure profitability of the business To model and summarize the impact of changes in absolute Prices, Price positions, Costs, Currency, Mix (platform & Attach rate), RR & Bid on the business To act as a counselor & guide to the business & Product teams for Product & config (FHC) selection, based on knowledge of market offerings, Costs trends and portfolio pricing strategy

Key responsibilities of the Role:

Price Position Analysis (WAPP)

  • Ensure price position strategies are aligned to overall business objectives & product positioning in the country

  • Ensure competitive product matrix covers all relevant products in the market

  • Publish Price position summary & details with key “Call to Actions” for Dell

  • Summarize the changes in competitors prices and how Dell should respond to meet overall business goals (Mkt, share, Revenue & margin targets)

  • Develop a historical trend and leverage that to forecast what competitors will do , as key business drivers changes

Price Proposal

  • Propose Price changes based on relative price position, Cost changes, overall business goals and overall portfolio pricing strategy.

  • Take in account all factors which impact business results , including Price changes, Relative price position changes, cost, currency, Mix etc and simulate impact on business

  • Recommend strategy and get buy-in from key stakeholders

  • Execute Price moves & track results simulated / modeled

  • Suggest corrective actions, if required

  • Recommend Discount Off List (DOL) guidance to Finance team / Special Pricing team based on the Price Proposal

Channel pricing

  • Aid brand team, in FHC selection process for Stock n Sell channel

  • Develop inputs for Channel sales price, based on Omni channel pricing strategy and recommendations of Price proposal

  • Ensure DOL guidance is tied to maintain prices equality (or planned differences) across all route to markets

Cost Analytics:

  • Regular analytics of cost package and gleaning insights on cost intraline of key commodities

  • Establishing a trend of our costs for key commodities

  • Applying this insight & knowledge in FHC selection decision making for Business & PLM team

  • Ad-hoc analysis for Bids cost scrub - which involve products not yet set-up in sales system

New Product Introduction (NPI) pricing

  • Arrive at the NPI pricing strategy based on portfolio pricing framework and the products key objective

  • Ascertain BC for NPI, with PLM, at Plan phase exit & pre-launch(T-13) timeframe


  • Ability to interpret the business results against initial plans (price proposal & Channel pricing) and connect them to the drivers .

SKU pricing

  • Pricing SKU s regularly as per Block process & pricing of NPI product related SKU

  • Ensure SKU s are priced as per intraline strategy, DOL guidelines & NPI strategy

Key Behavioral traits

  • Ability to work with the country team and yet, maintain the CoC viewpoint on key tenets

  • Ability to collaborate and build relationships (based on work ethics and competencies)

  • Excellent communication skills to translate various insights in a language that business understands and convey in-country market realities back to Central CoC team

  • Analytical ability – ability to connect the dots with numbers and coherently present the inter-play of disparate set of numbers and how it all comes together

  • Eye for details

  • A general affection for Microsoft Excel J

Key Experience:

  • Pricing experience in IT industry, Smart Phones , Tablets, Consumer Durables (*)

  • Brand / Product Marketing / Business Development experience in IT industry

  • Consulting industry experience.

(*)Not Bid Pricing but Pricing Strategy experience

Key Skills / Knowledge

Key Skills / Knowledge

  • Analytical abilities

  • Understanding of core Pricing tenets

  • Understanding of Sales process and sales behavior in Dell

  • Key concepts like RAD, RR, Bid , Quote, Order, Download, Booking should be clear

  • Understanding Dell's route to market and their key drivers