Dell inside sales manager in Xiamen, China

Job Title: Manager 1, Inside Sales(M7)

Principal Responsibilities

  • Handles more challenging customer escalation issues

  • First level leader, understands selling environment and capable of building familiarity with segment and product/service offerings

  • Identifies appropriate products and services to meet the full range of customer needs

  • Trains and develops team members on both products and selling techniques


  • Able to coach and mentor others on building strong customer relationships

  • Strong communication skills

  • Intermediate leadership skills

Education and Experience

  • Typically 5+ years of relevant experience or equivalent combination of education and work experience

  • Typically requires 0+ years managerial/leadership experience

Chinese JD FYR


工作地点: 厦门/大连


  • 负责内部电话销售团队的管理;

  • 通过有效的管理团队的日常运作, 达到公司的销售目标和绩效;

  • 了解客户直销业务的经营模式,对企业级和个人消费等产品的市场趋势熟悉,推动客户购买体验和满意度;

  • 为团队个人职业发展设置个人发展计划,并在每个季度进行指导和反馈;

  • 有效地与销售团队以及相关职能部门沟通,更好地了解策略和推动全线产品业务的增长。


  • 可通过流程和指标来指导销售实现业务目标;

  • 5-8年的IT 行业的工作经验以及5年以上的销售团队管理经验;

  • 可通过流程和指标来指导销售实现业务目标;

  • 有一定的英文听说读写能力。